Indoor Ensembles

Central Cabarrus Bands provides students with a variety of musical outlets including Marching Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion Ensemble. Students enrolled at CCHS are encouraged to participate in Marching Band after school as an extracurricular activity.

Program Goals

  • To teach music through performance.
  • To develop each individual into a responsible, contributing member of a larger group.
  • To teach an appreciation of multiple styles and genres of music.
  • To develop individual and group performance skills.
  • To introduce students to music history and music theory through their relation to performance literature.
  • To provide for the musical needs of the school and the community.
  • To provide all students with a high-quality musical and social experience.
  • To uncover self-discipline and leadership skills within each individual.
  • To provide each student a variety of performing ensembles and performance opportunities to develop well-rounded musicians.
  • To provide lasting, positive memories and experiences which will help students become consumers and supporters of all forms of music.

Symphonic Band & Concert Band

Offered during the Fall and Spring Semesters, the Symphonic Band & Concert Band are the premiere performing ensembles of the Central Cabarrus High School band program. Students focus on advanced aspects of the individual and group performance. The ensembles also strive to develop each student’s skills in the areas of music theory, aural skills, and general knowledge of music. These ensembles are designed to offer students the ability to study and play a wide variety of music.

Percussion Ensemble

Offered during the Fall Semester, this ensemble encourages students to work together utilizing a variety of percussion instruments in a concert setting. Students must be a percussionist or a wind player with a percussion background.

Concert Dates

Refer to the calendar for a full list of concert dates and after-school rehearsals.